Botswana 2014

In 2013 five representatives from Bristol City Community Trust, embarked on a week long
trip to Botswana to carry out community based work. The community projects included
visits to schools, orphanages and youth projects. This formed part of a wider plan for Bristol City FC to hold a pre-season tour in the southern African country in 2014.


In July 2014, a team of 32 Bristol City Community Trust staff and volunteers visited Botswana, spending 10 days volunteering at local projects in conjunction with the Bristol City FC pre-season tour. In total the group visited nine different projects in central Gaborone and the surrounding area, carrying out activities ranging from teaching English and maths in schools, to renovating buildings and play areas. The common theme throughout the journey was football, which helped unite the local communities to help those most in need.

To find out more please download our Botswana 2014 brochure by clicking here

Inside the brochure there is an information section which details the background to each project. There is also an extract from the blog written by Trust staff during the trip on each page.










We would like to extend a special thank you to a number of partners, sponsors and local businesses without their support the trip would not have been possible:

  • Apetito
  • Blackthorn
  • Bristol Audi
  • Bristol Trade Commercials
  • British Council
  • B.S.M Consultants
  • Burnt Tree
  • Citi Bank
  • DIgs
  • Elmtree Garden Contractors
  • Go Faster Foods
  • Hudson Accountants
  • Jemon Sieff Ltd
  • Joseph Meredith Photography
  • Key Integrated Systems
  • Lansdown Place Financial Management
  • OnePost
  • Stock Informer
  • Verde Recreo